v. & n.
1 a tr. clothe; array (dressed in rags; dressed her quickly). b intr. wear clothes of a specified kind or in a specified way (dresses well).
2 intr. a put on clothes. b put on formal or evening clothes, esp. for dinner.
3 tr. decorate or adorn.
4 tr. Med. a treat (a wound) with ointment etc. b apply a dressing to (a wound).
5 tr. trim, comb, brush, or smooth (the hair).
6 tr. a clean and prepare (poultry, a crab, etc.) for cooking or eating. b add a dressing to (a salad etc.).
7 tr. apply manure etc. to a field, garden, etc.
8 tr. finish the surface of (fabric, building-stone, etc.).
9 tr. groom (a horse).
10 tr. curry (leather etc.).
11 Mil. a tr. correct the alignment of (troops etc.). b intr. (of troops) come into alignment.
12 tr. make (an artificial fly) for use in fishing.
1 a one-piece woman's garment consisting of a bodice and skirt.
2 clothing, esp. a whole outfit etc. (fussy about his dress; wore the dress of a highlander).
3 formal or ceremonial costume (evening dress; morning dress).
4 an external covering; the outward form (birds in their winter dress).
Phrases and idioms:
dress circle the first gallery in a theatre, in which evening dress was formerly required. dress coat a man's swallow-tailed evening coat. dress down colloq. reprimand or scold. dress length a piece of material sufficient to make a dress. dress out attire conspicuously. dress parade
1 Mil. a military parade in full dress uniform.
2 a display of clothes worn by models. dress rehearsal the final rehearsal of a play etc., wearing costume. dress-shield (or -preserver) a piece of waterproof material fastened in the armpit of a dress to protect it from sweat. dress-shirt a man's usu. starched white shirt worn with evening dress.
dress up
1 dress (oneself or another) elaborately for a special occasion.
2 dress in fancy dress.
3 disguise (unwelcome facts) by embellishment.
Etymology: ME f. OF dresser ult. f. L directus DIRECT

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